Important partnership for the Africa Blockchain Conference 2019.

The last 2 weeks have been both exciting and intense as our organizing team enters the last lap of preparations. These 2 weeks have had several milestones of progress including: (i) A press conference with some of our key partners, Ministry of ICT and Stanbic Bank, (ii) The signing of an MoU with APRM, and (iii) A reflection and review of our conference exactly a year ago, which was held on 23rd and 24th May 2018, and which we celebrate today a year later.

In this week’s update, we will highlight the signing of the MoU with APRM, an important partnership for the Africa Blockchain Conference.

APRM is a specialized agency created by African Heads of State to review each other as a way of strengthening governance. APRM and CryptoSavannah on May 23rd signed an MoU to promote innovation and the 4th Industrial Revolution in Africa, and among the areas of collaboration will include The Africa 4.0 Initiative, and the Africa Blockchain Conference, among others.

APRM considers innovation as a key factor in supporting the work of good governance, transparency and accountability. At the signing, APRM which was represented by the CEO, Prof. Eddy Maloka, said he was keen to work with progressive initiatives and innovation that could support the work of good governance. CryptoSavannah which was represented by Mr. Kwame Rugunda and Mr. Edmond Macheli, thanked APRM for their support and applauded their commitment to use modern technology to enhance good governance in Africa. CryptoSavannah and APRM also discussed the upcoming Africa Blockchain Conference in Uganda in July, where APRM will participate in one of the key session focused on innovation and good governance in Africa.

To participate in the session on innovation and good governance in Africa, as well as the other sessions, get your ticket today, and join us at the Africa Blockchain Conference 2019, as we prepare Africa for the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

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