Google opens its first Artificial Intelligence lab in Africa

Africa’s place in 4th Industrial Revolution continues to receive a lot of media attention, ranging from stories about the Zipline drones delivery of blood in Rwanda, to Makerere University’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, and the recent ground breaking 3D printed ear surgery in South Africa, among others. Alongside the traditional media, the international respected research journals like Nature have similarly begun to take interest and cover the use of emerging technologies in Africa.

This week in particular, CNN covered the new Artificial Intelligence Lab which Google has opened in Ghana. This is a great step in advancing the work of AI on the continent, and in particular to the locally contextual African problems of agriculture, health and education, among others. This was precisely what President Museveni argued at the blockchain conference in Kampala last year; he argued that the new technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution must be harnessed in order to solve the practical problems in Africa.

As we continue with our preparations this week, we are delighted that through the conference, we can make a contribution to shaping Africa’s place in the 4th Industrial Revolution. At this year’s conference on 3rd and 4th of July, Artificial Intelligence will be a cornerstone, representatives from Google will be in attendance, representatives from Nature will be in attendance, along with leaders globally in government, business, young entrepreneurs, innovators and many more.

Register today and join us, as we welcome the world to Ugnda in July, to explore the great opportunity for Africa in the 4th Industrial Revolution

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